Reflections From Anne-Marie on Her Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend time with your mom or with other women in your life who are moms this weekend, we hope you enjoy every minute. The older I get, the more I understand and appreciate how my mom helped shape me into the person I am today. I could fill a book with the many, many different ways that my mother prepared me, whether she realized she was doing so or not, for my life as a businesswoman. I have tried my best here to pick my top three!

Work ethic: I grew up in a very loving yet very strict household. There was no democracy and I did what I was told — from delivering the Philadelphia Bulletin door to door on my bicycle to NEVER missing church on Sunday, from babysitting EVERY Saturday night starting at age 11, to putting 90% of every penny I earned or was gifted immediately into the bank. Discipline, being productive, and living well within my means came as naturally to me as breathing. My mom didn’t just tell me what to do — she also always worked outside the home (yet somehow managed to be exactly where I needed for her to be at all times, something to which I continue to aspire!).

“Owning it”: My mom is “average” in height but I grew like a weed and was the tallest in my class starting in about 3rd grade … and NO one caught up to me until about 10th grade! During this awkward time, it felt as though it was my mom’s life mission to make sure I knew how absolutely LUCKY I was to be so tall. There was no slouching — “shoulders back, chin up, when in doubt … smile!” I had no idea how right she was, and it’s amazing what a lasting impact that positive input has had on me in all aspects of my life.

Gratitude: I grew up Catholic and praying has always been part of my daily routine. I remember sitting with my mom before bedtime and my prayers always consisted of the same thing — thanking God for all the people in my life and for everything that went well that day. It was short and sweet but it was all about thanking, rather than asking. Who knew my mom was introducing me to my very own gratitude practice long before it became a thing??

I could go on and on. And spoiler alert, my mom is the reason I decided to become a realtor, as I discuss in our team video, which will be released later this year. Endless thanks to you for that one and all the rest, mom. I love you so much!


Image one: A spring break visit this past March with my daughter.

Image two: Me and my mom at one of my BFF’s weddings in the early 90s