Planning for Your Upcoming Move

Last month, Anne-Marie and her family experienced their first move since 2001, when she and her husband relocated to DC from their NYC apartment. Here is what she had to say about the process:

During my 16 years as a realtor, I’ve given a lot of advice about the moving process—most of it likely delivered with a casual nonchalance that I wish I could go back and revise. “Just get a pod for your excess belongings! … Let’s have all the walls and trim painted in your house to make it sparkle … oh, and let’s replace that old carpet too! Yeah, it would really be best if you vacated for the weekend we go on the market—and please don’t come back until Tuesday, ok?”

Finally emerging from the “trauma” of moving a mere mile down the road, I can say that I think every realtor should be required to spend 20+ years in a home and then turn around and sell it—every couple of years! 😂 I know that math doesn’t compute, but my point is that moving is a very intense and complicated process—it’s no joke! I feel like I just completed the most immersive and valuable Continuing Ed class of my career.

My #1 takeaway is that having the right team behind me made all the difference in the world. Knowing that this was the way to sell my house for absolute top dollar, I surrendered all of my opinions to Kelly, Eva, and Heather and did every single thing they recommended. Several of the excellent vendors and service providers I have referred my clients to over the years showed up for me in a big, big way. It was an awesome team effort, and when the house that my three kids had made all of their memories to date in finally looked nothing like it did two weeks prior, I stepped away and let Kelly take us across the finish line. And did she ever!

I have a new appreciation for what our clients go through when they move. I am grateful for the experience and what it will allow me to bring to the process going forward. And I am beyond grateful for our team— the top team in the Chevy Chase office of TTR Sotheby’s International Realty for three years running for so many reasons!)

If you are planning an upcoming move, please reach out to us today! We would love to discuss your plans—and offer our advice.

Anne-Marie Finnell & Kelly Lee